On Location with Rachel

Check out this awesome video of Rachel that I created with several dozen photo favorites !!! Fashion inspired and very cool !!! Thanks Rachel !!!

Super fun and very beautiful photo session with Rachel. Photography by Studio Sparks Atlanta. Cool and creative High School Senior photography and model portfolios. #highschoolseniorphotography

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Picture Perfect !!!

I had to post this photo favorite from a High School Senior session I clicked last week. This photo of Maya is a perfect example of great wardrobe, a great pose, and a classic background. Maya’s gown is stunning – fits perfectly – compliments her face and figure and jumps off the screen with that deep red background !!! I love it when my clients bring “lots” of wardrobe choices so we can pick and choose the right wardrobe for the “look” we want to achieve. Thanks Maya for a great shoot !!!

Class 2014 and Picture Perfect !!!

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The Vision of Fashion Forward Senior Portraits

Greetings Everyone!

One of the coolest things about High School Portraits is that the student has the rare opportunity to express themselves in just about any way they want. Students can be as traditional or as creative as their imaginations take them. Sadly too many High Schools contract with old fashion photo studios that care far too much about profit margins rather than photographic quality and excellence. I love specializing in creative photography for High School Seniors. We get to capture Senior Portraits that are as unique as is each student’s personality. For the past few years we’ve been focusing more and more on senior sessions that are edgy and yet still beautiful. Some of my Seniors call it “fashion forward” and I agree. Check out this cool mini video from some of my favorite High School Senior sessions last year.

Super creative and beautiful fashion portraits of High School Seniors Atlanta Georgia by Studio Sparks

Fashion Forward High School Senior Portraits by Studio Sparks Atlanta

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Senior Portraits as Art – The Cheerleader

I absolutely adore creating portraits of my models and high school seniors that go far beyond the ordinary. Too many Photography Studios these days settle for portraits that are “safe” and sadly boring remixes of what has been done again and again. I encourage my models to think outside their safe place and work with them to capture extraordinary photos. Here is a super example of a powerful and talented High School Senior – Kelsey. I find this portrait to fit her personality and to also make quite a statement as the “Art of Cheer”.  Thanks Kelsey !!! Live – Love and Laugh. By Don Sparks

creative high school athletics photography by Don Sparks Atlanta

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On Location with Stephanie Meier and Photographer Don Sparks

Every season we work with a model or a high school senior who really shines in their ability to allow us to capture really awesome photos. This past summer we had the privilege to work with Stephanie. She is one of our favorite Class 2013 Models. We met her in a really cool location on one of those hot and humid Georgia afternoons. We clicked hundreds of photographs in a half dozen locations taking cover from multiple rain showers. I put together a short video to show off some of my favorite photos. Hope you enjoy these !!! Great work Stephanie !!!

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