Make Sure to Choose Your Wedding Photographer Wisely !!!

Let me tell you something… I am not your Mama’s Wedding Photographer…. I get more and more energized each year when I have the privilege of photographing a Wedding. One of my very first “paid” jobs was shooting a wedding in Sacramento California back in my college days. That was way before the “digital age” and back then most wedding photography was very traditional and by today’s standards quite boring. Back then pretty much all of the photography was very staged and stiff. Those Bride’s loved it but now that we are in the new millennium the entire world of Wedding Photography has be renewed for the better !!! I call it “the Art of the Wedding” and I have a passion for this art. If I had the time I’d capture a Wedding every weekend and things would never get boring. There is just so much happening every minute of that “Big Day”…. If you are a Bride-to-Be please …please … please choose your Photographer wisely!!!!!!!!

It may be cliche but I often tell my clients that “Your Wedding is Forever Remembered through the Eyes and Experience of Your Photographer “. I know Bride’s face a ton of expenses but pretty much after the Wedding Day is over and you’re back from your honeymoon – you will have your memories and your photography to remember that once-in-a-lifetime experience of your Wedding.

Here is my point (sorry it took me so ling to get to it) – A Bride can save some money in all kinds of ways from buying a less expensive Cake, booking her wedding venue on a Friday, purchasing off brand Shoes, taking a less extravagant Honeymoon, but I absolutely guarantee that the more time you spend with your Wedding Photographer the Better your Album will be. Partner with your Wedding Photographer and ask how you can get the best of the best wedding coverage. If you have hired a Photographer who is an artist then give them the opportunity to create the art that you loved about their website’s portfolio.

Every Bride wants great photos from her Wedding. Make sure to give your Photographer the time it takes to create and capture those great moments !!!

The more time you spend with your Wedding Photographer the better your Album will be..

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