Ouch … Watch out for Patterns & Horizontal Stripes

The eye has a funny way of playing tricks on us.  Sometimes we call that trick an optical illusion.  For example, I bet you’ve held a pencil between a finger and thumb and waved the pencil making it appear to bend like a gummy worm…   When it comes to choosing what will look good on you for your Portraits I want to bring a couple of optical illusions to your attention.

  • When you’re planning what to wear for your Portraits be aware of horizontal & vertical “Stripes”.  These are the lines that run up and down or maybe even at an angle in the fabric patterns.  You can benefit from these stripped patterns or look like you are packing 20 extra pounds in your mid section (tummy).  Horizontal (side to side) stripes make whatever they cover look wider.  With that in mind a very slim girl could add more shape to her bustline by covering her upper body with a horizontal striped shirt.  On the other hand if you have a belly bulge or a large bustline you would “not” want to give the optical illusion of that being even bigger. Simply be aware of this fact and use horizontal and vertical (up and down) stripe fabrics to your advantage.
  • I know that graphic pattern fabrics are very much in style these days. They do look exciting with all the designs and patterns.  You might even be tempted to wear some patterned (and floral) fabrics at your portrait session.  However, I can assure you that the all patterned and graphic designs will add pounds to your body in photos.  Again, if you are very thin and petite you could use this optical illusion to add pounds and shape to your figure. Although for most of us we are looking to nip & tuck.

The very best People Photographers know what clothing looks good and what doesn’t.  Make sure you bring plenty of wardrobe choices to your photo session. I tell my clients “you can’t bring too many choices”.   The right wardrobe can make or break a great portrait.   Just be aware of those Patterns & Stripes …

If you have any questions or comments please let me know. Thanks, Don

For more info and samples visit our website: www.studiosparks.com/seniors

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