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Expect the Unexpected !!!

Great Portraits always give the viewer a little something that isn’t expected. Sometimes it’s the smile (think Mona Lisa) and sometimes it’s an element that is somehow out of place and makes the viewer do a “double take”. Adding a surprising element is my favorite attention getter.  I love this portrait of Caroline. She’s dressed […]

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Time to Change It Up !!!

I know I say this all the time but one of my best tips on how to capture great portraits is to give your photographer a lot of choices. In other words bring a ton of stuff to your photo session. Mixing and matching wardrobe and props and background along with all the variety of […]

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What Is The Most Important Thing To Bring To Your Photo Session?

After my Interview with CNN (the cable New Network) earlier this week I started to ask myself to reflect on the questions the Reporter was asking me. She ask me for some tips on how to get the best senior portraits possible.  In other words she wanted to report on thdee “dos” and “don’ts”. It […]

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