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Expect the Unexpected !!!

Great Portraits always give the viewer a little something that isn’t expected. Sometimes it’s the smile (think Mona Lisa) and sometimes it’s an element that is somehow out of place and makes the viewer do a “double take”. Adding a surprising element is my favorite attention getter.  I love this portrait of Caroline. She’s dressed […]

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Time to Change It Up !!!

I know I say this all the time but one of my best tips on how to capture great portraits is to give your photographer a lot of choices. In other words bring a ton of stuff to your photo session. Mixing and matching wardrobe and props and background along with all the variety of […]

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Bold … Vivid … and Fierce !!!

There is absolutely NO reason for anyone to not have the portraits they dream about… The coolest thing about modern photography is that a talented Photographer can do just about anything he/she can imagine. I am so tired of seeing boring modeling portfolios and even more tired of seeing all the tired old cliche Senior […]

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