Tips on Comp Cards For Atlanta Models

Unless you are one of those super star Supermodels, every model needs a place to show off their “Look”.  This Model’s business card is usually know as their Comp Card. This Comp Card displays a variety of portraits showing off the thing that sets them apart from all the other Models.

I like this comp cards from Cheyenne. It has the happy fresh faces, the friendly smiles, and it shows that she has a good figure too. This is the look that most of Atlanta’s potential clients will be looking for.

The people who hire models range from the ultra conservative to the eccentric artisan. With that very thought I have always recommended that a model have several Comp Cards that will appeal to a variety of  “client” types.   Not to further complicate this matter but in addition to the Comp Card each Model also needs a more extensive selection of the portraits displaying her “Look” in even more variety. This larger collection of images is called their “Portfolio” or their “Book”.

Some cities have a lot of variety of potential clients for Models while smaller cities may offer slim chances for a model to make a living (or even a little extra spending money). In our city of Atlanta there are few jobs for fashion modeling but quite a few jobs for character models. These character models are often called “Lifestyle” models. Character Modeling would be something like playing the role of a housewife, a mother, a fireman, business executive, etc. With that in mind our local models need to show variety in their portfolios and Comp Cards. As much as I adore the high fashion model comp cards the various executives that hire me to photograph models are usually not happy seeing those hunky bare chested male underwear models and those 6 foot tall leggy fashion models in bra and panties… These real world clients are usually looking for photo samples of a friendly personality, natural hair, and a nice smile.

I am by no means saying that a model’s portfolio and comp cards should be boring and plain… no no no… You still want your portraits to be powerful and even to include a bit of sex appeal. Like I said earlier I recommend a couple different Comp Card styles (better yet 2 different portfolio styles). For the happy Coca Cola client types you will want portraits with smiles, clean fresh faces, and action shots. For the more artsy clients you will want more creative portraits with elements of the unexpected and an added amount of sexy.

It is far better to have a couple Portfolios and 2-4 Comp Cards. This way you will have something for just about any client you might be interviewing with.

I’ve been hiring models for quite a number of years and I can assure you these couple of tips can get you the job or loose you the job…

Best of Luck !!!

Live – Love – Laugh


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rodney pooleDecember 12, 2012 - 11:21 am

I am interested in getting work in tv, movies(as an extra)etc. How much should I spend on a comp card and do I need mnore than one?

Thank you for any help you can offer

DonDecember 12, 2012 - 2:42 pm

Hey Rodney, You can plan to spend about $250 on a digital version of a comp card for work as an extra in film. Yes it is a good idea to have a couple versions of a comp card depending on your look and the role you are looking to play. For example you may want an upbeat happy look for some types of work and then perhaps a tough guy look for films needing that look. Make sense? Let me know if I can offer more help. All My Best, Don

Ready – Set – Action !!!

Had to add this new work of art to my Blog… I simply love all the color and the movement. Of course without my wonderful volleyball player – Krista – it would just be a canvas with a bunch of colors. Thanks Krista for your wonderful talent !!! I printed the final on this on a new Photo Paper called “Chrome”. This paper is unbelievable… there are millions of tiny bits of aluminum metal ground up and somehow blended into the photo paper. It looks 3-D !!! Wow I love it… Come see it at my Studio !!!

Live – Love- Laugh

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Expect the Unexpected !!!

Great Portraits always give the viewer a little something that isn’t expected. Sometimes it’s the smile (think Mona Lisa) and sometimes it’s an element that is somehow out of place and makes the viewer do a “double take”. Adding a surprising element is my favorite attention getter.  I love this portrait of Caroline. She’s dressed for a killer party and yet surprises us with a crazy cool umbrella… Completely unexpected and totally unique. Plus I adore the wall of shiny CDs.

Way to go Caroline !!! Keep’em guessing !!!

Live – Love – Laugh


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Over The Top !!!

I’m not known for creating “safe” portraits of my models. Those who know my work have always expected to see my signature of both fashion inspired along with a little (sometimes not so little) element of Surprise. No matter who I am photographing I want my clients to be over whelmed with how super cool they look in their photography. I don’t show enough cool portraits of my wonderful Brides here on my blog. Thought it was time to post one of my all-time favorites. Sure… this Bride is amazingly beautiful but it’s the addition of the one of a kind jewelry, the feathered veil, and the drama lighting that throws this Bridal Portrait into “hyper-cool” !!!

Live – Love – Enjoy

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Time to Change It Up !!!

I know I say this all the time but one of my best tips on how to capture great portraits is to give your photographer a lot of choices. In other words bring a ton of stuff to your photo session. Mixing and matching wardrobe and props and background along with all the variety of lighting and camera equipment are going to offer you a wealth of possibilities.

Look at these Portraits of Caroline. Look at all the colors, the various props, the many facial expressions in her pictures. This is what I’m talking about. Have fun with it !!!

Live – Love – Have Fun

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