Bold … Vivid … and Fierce !!!

There is absolutely NO reason for anyone to not have the portraits they dream about… The coolest thing about modern photography is that a talented Photographer can do just about anything he/she can imagine. I am so tired of seeing boring modeling portfolios and even more tired of seeing all the tired old cliche Senior Portraits. If you are a High School Senior and all you do for your Senior Pictures is follow the heard to do the same pictures that all your classmates are doing then I am just sad. There is SO much more that you can do if you simply do a little research. The internet is an encyclopedia of countless sources for you to get amazing Senior Portraits. For those aspiring Models you can Portfolios that are powerful and show YOU at you best and most beautiful.

Check out this cool portrait I did of Marisa. It’s fun and it shows part of her personality. Plus it is completely unique and one of a kind just like Marisa !!!

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Location… Location … Location …

There are times when the best place to create and capture a beautiful photo in in the controlled environment if a Photographer’s Studio. We love our studio… Tons of sets – hundreds of Props – air conditioned in thee summer and warm and comfy in the winter.

But sometimes there is something really special about shooting on Location. As you can imagine our Commercial Clients send us to a lot of really cool locations all over the world. Just about the first thing we do when we arrive at a location that is new to us is wee “explore”. This is the time when experience really comes in handy… Being able to look at a place and imagine what that place will look like with a model is quite an art in itself.

The photo below is a great example. The wall behind our Model is a decoration in a shopping mall in Las Vegas. You can’t see all the people walking by and checking us out but there were hundreds. Never mind the distractions… this Location was awesome and something just about impossible to have available in a studio. However the best thing about a Location is that you never know what you will find and depending on the time of day and the weather “locations” always look and Photograph differently. I love that !!! Locations RULE !!!

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What Is The Most Important Thing To Bring To Your Photo Session?

After my Interview with CNN (the cable New Network) earlier this week I started to ask myself to reflect on the questions the Reporter was asking me. She ask me for some tips on how to get the best senior portraits possible.  In other words she wanted to report on thdee “dos” and “don’ts”. It doesn’t matter if you doing Senior Portraits or a Model’s Portfolio or even a family Portrait – the tips and tricks are universal and apply to everyone.

Throughout my Blog I reveal lots of secrets on how to get the best Portraits. But if I had to pick just one Tip it would be …. (drum roll please ………..) – Enthusiasm !!! My clients who come in with a Fierce Energy and are truly Excited are opening themselves up to make the best portraits of their lives. Their Enthusiasm is exciting and brings an energy to everyone involved… The Photographer feels appreciated and thus inspired !!!

This photo session with Danielle is a great example of a client who was excited to do her photo session from the moment she started thinking about her portraits. Thanks Danielle for making your photo session so much fun !!!

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Brittany – Simply Doing Everything Right

Most of my models and celebrity clients do a great job preparing for their photo sessions. But on occasion there are a few that do so well that even I am amazed at how effortless it is to capture great photographs of them. Brittany Fishman is the perfect example of a model who did everything right… From picking great wardrobe collections to applying make-up and doing awesome hairstyles… Check out these favorites from her Photo Session with Studio Sparks to see something special…

Thanks Brittany !!!



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