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What is Don Sparks Photography?
The quick answer is that Don Sparks Photography is Don Sparks – an award
winning professional photographer with over 25 years of full time experience based in Atlanta, Georgia. However to really know Don Sparks is
to understand that he is far more than simply a Photographer. In fact he is
just as much a lighting designer, wardrobe stylist, set builder, digital artist, and innovator… Quite honestly you could portray Don as rather a “Rockstar” of Photography. He is fun, creative and always full of energy. Even in his tween years he loved photography. Don’s passion for Photography has roots in his early memories of printing photographs in tiny amber lit basement darkrooms. According to Don, “Other than watching the birth of my daughters there is nothing more magical than photography”. Don’s fascination with photography continued through his teens and 20s as he earned his Kappa Tau Alpha Honor’s Degree in Photojournalism at California State University, San Jose. After college, he was hired by The National Geographic Society as their youngest Photographer/Editor in their 100+ year history. For the past two decades Don has been operating award winning photo studios in Washington DC, Miami and Atlanta. With all of this experience there aren’t many things that Don hasn’t photographed. This range of experience gives him quite an edge on his competition. In fact, many of his clients rave how quickly Sparks works and often produces twice the content as that of the average Photographer. Whereas many Photographers choose just one photographic specialty, Don enjoys and even excels at many. He captures people, portraits, products and events with great skill and a pinch of magic. “I thrive on creating really powerful images that truly wow my clients… my goal is to turn the ordinary into extraordinary” says Sparks. As much as Don enjoys his career in
Photography he’ll admit that he’s incredibly blessed with two fantastic
daughters, a loving family, and a faith and trust in God. Spend just a few minutes with Don and you’ll feel his passion for Photography and his appreciation for a life that he declares has been truly blessed. Enjoy the world of Don Sparks for none can share a life more honest an open than a really talented photographer !

About Raleigh

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Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful. For beauty is God's handwriting. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Session Info and General Pricing

One of the first questions we get is "how much do pictures cost and what is included in my photo session". We offer more than 50 Products and services however Basic Pricing is shown below. For more details and examples of Don's various Products visit the Prices Page in the type of photography you are interested in. For example click on the Weddings menu above and then look for Prices.

High School Seniors

Senior Session Pricing is based on two items. First is the Session Fee where we click all the photos and secondly the products you wish to own.


Three Wardrobe Change Session ... $157

Five Wardrobe Changes ... $197


Level 3 Photo Package includes 1 framed 11x14, four 5x7 prints and twenty-four wallets... $397


Wedding Photography Prices are based on the number of hours you need and secondly the products you want to own such as Wedding, ParentAlbums or Digital Packages.


Four Hours of Wedding Coverage ... $750

Eight Hours of Weddings Coverage ... $900


Thirty Page Deluxe Wedding Album ... $975



Portraits such as Headshots, Maternity Portraits, Modeling Portfolios and Family Portrait Pricing is based on the number of wardrobe changes and also the products our client wishes to own.


Three wardrobe changes ... $157

Five Wardrobe Changes ... $197

8x10 Prints ... $50 each

Digital Images ... $50 each

5x7 Color Prints ... $40 each

Sparks Wedding Testimonials

"My wedding day was a blur. The photos you made of me running barefoot on the beach in my wedding dress are priceless. You guys are so much fun. Everyone who looks at my album comments on the beautiful photography. My husband and I are so happy we choose you to be our photographers. You are true artists in every way! With our most sincere thanks, Camile & George"


“A wedding weekend is an overwhelming experience. Don took complete control of the photography for our wedding and captured over 1500 images for us. The group photos were crystal clear and the natural photos were full of action and fun. After the wedding, Don created a wedding album for us that is unique and continues to receive awe-inspiring praise from our friends. Don is sensational!”

Mike & Jeni, Duluth, GA


"Don Sparks and his team were unbelievable from the meet and greet to the wedding day!!. My pictures were breathtaking and having the packages made it so easy. On your wedding day you have enough to worry about and we couldn’t have been more blessed with such wonderful people. They know what they are doing with such perfectionism and have a way of taking pictures that tell the story moment by moment. “ Shana Giles


“Don: Thank you so much for the awesome job you did photographing Sara and Jonathan's wedding! From seeing your excellent commercial work, I had very high expectations for what you would do. You exceeded them!


The staged group shots of family were well done of course...but it was the candid shots and the extra touches that made it special. The close-ups of the cakes and the beautiful surroundings that you later incorporated into the wedding album are examples of your ability to capture the beautiful designs and even the atmosphere of the occasion. Every time we show the album to family or friends, the pictures bring back the wonderful memories of that special day as it unfolded...from the the ceremony...the reception..the bridal party waltz..and the dancing!


Everyone who sees the wedding pictures always very impressed and ask.."Who took these pictures? or "Who created this album?"


I can't thank you enough for what you did. We created so many once in a lifetime memories that day...and you and your team succeeded in capturing them superbly!” sincerely, Gary Vann - Father of The Bride - Norcross , GA

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