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Don Sparks Commercial Advertising Photography based in Atlanta since 1981. Don’s specialty is creative, fresh, remarkable imagery. Sparks is a master of photography beginning his career as the youngest Photographer & Illustrations Editor in the history of The National Geographic Society.
Don works with the top advertising agencies, corporations, and design firms worldwide.

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What is Don Sparks Photography?
The quick answer is that Don Sparks Photography is Don Sparks – an award
winning professional photographer with over 25 years of full time experience based in Atlanta, Georgia. However to really know Don Sparks is
to understand that he is far more than simply a Photographer. In fact he is
just as much a lighting designer, wardrobe stylist, set builder, digital artist, and innovator… Quite honestly you could portray Don as rather a “Rockstar” of Photography. He is fun, creative and always full of energy. Even in his tween years he loved photography. Don’s passion for Photography has roots in his early memories of printing photographs in tiny amber lit basement darkrooms. According to Don, “Other than watching the birth of my daughters there is nothing more magical than photography”. Don’s fascination with photography continued through his teens and 20s as he earned his Kappa Tau Alpha Honor’s Degree in Photojournalism at California State University, San Jose. After college, he was hired by The National Geographic Society as their youngest Photographer/Editor in their 100+ year history. For the past two decades Don has been operating award winning photo studios in Washington DC, Miami and Atlanta. With all of this experience there aren’t many things that Don hasn’t photographed. This range of experience gives him quite an edge on his competition. In fact, many of his clients rave how quickly Sparks works and often produces twice the content as that of the average Photographer. Whereas many Photographers choose just one photographic specialty, Don enjoys and even excels at many. He captures people, portraits, products and events with great skill and a pinch of magic. “I thrive on creating really powerful images that truly wow my clients… my goal is to turn the ordinary into extraordinary” says Sparks. As much as Don enjoys his career in
Photography he’ll admit that he’s incredibly blessed with two fantastic
daughters, a loving family, and a faith and trust in God. Spend just a few minutes with Don and you’ll feel his passion for Photography and his appreciation for a life that he declares has been truly blessed. Enjoy the world of Don Sparks for none can share a life more honest an open than a really talented photographer !

Here is a list of some of Don's many clients

Clients: Coca Cola • United Parcel Service • Home Depot • Delta Airlines • American Express • Alamo Car Rental • Mighty Systems • IBM • National Geographic • Modern Bride • Cosmopolitan • Napa Auto • Budweiser • Mitchells Formalwear • Redbook • Elektra-Asylum Records • State of Georgia Tourism • Pendeflex • Rudd International Furniture • Celenese Corp • M&M Candies • Russell Athletic • Atlanta Magazine • Men’s Workout • Nickles Shoes • American Fitness • Libby’s Food • Shape Magazine • Domino Pizza • Burger King • Macys • Richs • Woodward & Lothrop • Bloomingdales • Katalistiks Corp • US Dept. of Forestry • Holiday/Bali Health Spas • San Suci Hotel & Spa • Post Properties • Atlanta World Congress Center • Marriott Hotel • Omni Hotels • Hitachi Tools • Hawthorn Suites • Playboy • Merritt Tobacco • Omni Magazine • Mayfair Magazine • Wildwood/Cousins Properties • Contell Communications • Sprint • Bell South • American Sterilizer Medical • Molnlycke Textiles • New York Times Magazine • Paul Hurley Jewelry • Wendy’s Restaurants • Hooters Restaurants • Kawasaki • Easton Sports • Miller Brewery • Hair Cuttery • Hyatt Hotels • AFFA • Norweign Cruise Lines • Sundance Beverage • AquaVie • Sheraton Hotels • Capitol Video • Intercat • Mapco Petrolium • Walmart • Tensar Earth Tech • Infographix • Sunn Systems • Apple Computer • Silicon Graphics Corp • Barnett Bank • Sun Bank • United Way • M&M Beauty Products • Candiss Cole Fashions • UCX Brakes • MB2 Motorsports • Parisians • Visa • National Brick Institute • Cabarrus CountyTourism Hilton • Hygeia • NASCAR Charlotte Motor Speedway • Little Me Tea • J.Walter Thompson • Adworks • Akzo Nobel • Lund Industries • After Six Formalwear and many more.

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Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful. For beauty is God's handwriting. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Info and General Pricing

With Commercial Photography every project is different and has its own unique challenges and solutions. Don Sparks prides himself on creative problem solving. Once you look through this website you will see the Sparks has a wonderful style of powerful colors and often an the element of surprise. Surely the Sparks technique is popular with design firms and advertising agencies. Feel free to call Don directly to discuss your project at (770) 354-5047. Don't be shy ... Don is cool !!!


Prices are based on the project's difficulty and complexity. As with most professional photographers, Don charges for his time as an hourly rate.

$100-$250 per hour

discounts for multi day projects. Call for a quick quote (770) 354-5047

Atlanta - Worldwide

Sparks Photography is based in Atlanta since 1981. However we are available for location and travel worldwide. Passport is in hand...



Copyright and Usage

Copyright and Ad Usage Rights will be negotiated on a project by project basis. Basically the more eyeballs that see our photography the higher the photography rates.



Client Testimonials

“Don has been my exclusive image supplier for over 10 years; on hundreds of projects and thousands of images. He’s a great photographer of course, but where he has proved invaluable to me is with his pre and post production creativity. It’s like getting a photographer and art director in one. Also, his National Geographic experience makes him uniquely qualified to work with difficult location situations and celebrities. I’m always amazed how quickly he can react to changing conditions and talent moods, set, shoot and wrap, but still come away with awesome shots.”
Frank Turner, Product Manager


"Don, I could never sufficiently thank you for over 20 years of extraordinarily professional service. You have been the consummate problem-solver with an amazing facility for creativity, speed and efficiency. Your thoroughness and thoughtfulness in terms of budget and time constraints are very rare. It has always been pleasure doing business with a craftsman of your stature, whether we’re shooting famed NASCAR drivers, oxygen sensors or buildings. You have penchant for quality and integrity coupled with a highly-cultivated and broad artistic sense. You are certainly a world-class talent. Thank you for years of impeccable performance."
Joe Scibetta, Agency South


“WOW. Don, AMAZING.. I love the pictures!!!! WOW!!! Thank you.”
Nicky Fleites


"Don, Holy Cow!! The photography plus the music is incredibly awesome! WOW! Thank you thank you thank you for putting that together for me! With deepest thanks,"



"Dear Don, Thank you so much for taking all the fantastic photos at the National Charity League Toast Party. Your generosity in taking the time to assist all the families to document this important event was only surpassed by the expertise of your photos. With gratefulness and appreciation," Marie Wood, NCL Toast Party Chair

"It sooo much fun shooting with you!! You’re great!"
Nissy Rita Elkik


“=] thanks so much!!! you are absolutely wonderful at what you do! i will definitely be utilizing your services again. in the near future! =] oh my god!! THEY ARE ALL GORGEOUS!!! i'm selecting photos as we speak.... =] I am just sooooooo overwhelmed...they're gorgeous!!!!”
Charity Crowell-Savannah, GA


“Not only were the results absolutely beautiful, the photo shoot itself was the most entertaining I've ever had. Don definitely gives 150% as a photographer”
Caroline Ren – Brentwood Tenn.


“With his unwavering patience and keen sense of artistry, Don, produced beautiful pictures while making the session comfortable and our poses fluid. He was absolutely dedicated to using his photography experience to create the perfect picture, and at the same time he welcomed our novel ideas. I am still wondering how he made us ALL look so great! Thanks Don for the memories of a lifetime!”

Darci Jessie, Rome GA


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